Smeg unveils Galileo, all-new “revolutionary” cooking tech

Iconic Italian appliance brand Smeg has launched a “revolutionary” new multifunctional cooking technology called Galileo, which the company claims is the first in the world to employ steam, microwave and traditional cooking together.

Launching across five new combination models; Omnichef, SteamOne, Steam100, Steam100PRO and SpeedwaveXL, the Galileo platform promises better browning, heat distribution and cooking results, thanks to the back of the models’ new cavity design – inspiring its name.

This improved airflow system is also said to help avoid flavour transfer, allowing sweet and savoury dishes to be cooked all at once, which Smeg says is perfect for entertaining large families in traditional Italian style!

The range’s flagship model, Omnichef, combines the very best of traditional, steam and microwave cooking, the company says, making it easier and more efficient to create delicious, perfectly cooked dishes time and time again.

Smeg has also redesigned the interior of its oven to allow each of these cooking functions to work either independently, selecting functions one after another (MultiStep), or simultaneously (MultiTech) – depending on the dish the user is cooking. As a result, the oven boasts an impressive seven cooking combinations.

By combining the three cooking methods, the Galileo technology within the Omnichef model provides the benefits and qualities of each: even browning results of traditional cooking, moisture and flavour retention benefits of steam and the speed of microwave cooking, claims the Italian brand.

Using the technology, a whole chicken can be roasted in just 30 minutes, while potatoes can be roasted in just 20 minutes. Reducing cooking times by up to 70% when combining all three methods with Omnichef, Smeg says “Galileo is set to revolutionise the home cooking experience!”

All five combination types also offer improved efficiency thanks to an enhanced door seal and over and above easy glide telescopic rails available, designed for inserting and removing trays with ease.

Vapour cleaning system, steam and microwave

The new oven also features Smeg’s vapour clean system (holding up to a pint of water in the base), as well as a pyrolytic self-cleaning function on selected models, as well as enhanced steam and microwave cooking functions.

The Smeg Galileo range comes with new Inverter and Stirrer microwave technology producing complete even cooking. By removing the spinning plate, more usable space has been added, says Smeg, whilst continuous heating ensures optimum results.

There are also several special functions featured across select models, such as softening, melting and even a setting which can pop popcorn to perfection in just three minutes, Smeg says.

As for steam cooking, the Galileo range offers steam cooking up to 100% and allows for the use of exciting cooking functions such as air frying and sous vide. The range also features steam injection, helping reduce preparation and cooking times.


Finally, the flagship Dolce Stil Novo Omnichef comes with Smeg’s recently launched VivoscreenMax, whilst the Linea features its Vivoscreen. A range of accessories will also be available with Galileo such as new, re-designed enamel trays included, an optional refractory pizza stone for cookies, baking and pizza, a reversible BBQ pan and an Airfry pan for crispy fried food but with a lower amount of cooking fat. These can also all be used on existing models, levelling up all models in the Smeg range.

Smeg’s Galileo cooking technology will be rolled out across its best-selling built-in oven ranges: Dolce Stil Novo, Linea, Victoria and Classic. Prices for the Galileo platform start at £499 (€586) for the Classic traditional Multifunction Oven and through to £3499 (4112) for the Dolce Stil Novo Omnichef.

Key Selling Points

  • First ever cooking technology to combine traditional cooking with steam and microwave
  • Functions can work together or independently
  • Vivoscreen and VivoscreenMax on selected models

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