Peloton explores the intersection of fitness and gaming

Exercise equipment giant Peloton is “gamifying fitness”, with the launch of Lanebreak.

Lanebreak is described as Peloton’s “first gaming-inspired experience”. The game sees users cycle on a track with multiple lanes, with the user needing to switch between lanes at the right time. Lanebreak borrows inspiration from games like Guitar Hero, by incorporating musical elements to the user experience.

As reported by TechCrunch, riders can select playlists such as Pop Essentials, featuring music from Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. Unlike their usual Peloton workout, there is not a coach present to guide the user during the exercise. 

“The way the cues and movement perfectly match the music is one of my favourite aspects of it”, said Peloton instructor Emma Lovewell. “It’s also a great addition to our instructor-led classes. I know some days you need that butt-kicking inspiration from one of us instructors, and other days you just want to ride to some killer music without an instructor. I get it. Now you can have both!”

Lanebreak was first teased by Peloton back in July 2021. An announcement described the game as “exploring the intersection of fitness and gaming”.

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