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IFA TechTalk spoke with IFA Management' new CEO Leif Lindner about his vision for the future and anticipating next year's centennial celebration Time-stamped show notes 00:00 ➡️ 01:40 : introduction 01:40 ➡️ 02:30: industry news 03:25 ➡️ 10:10: exclusive interview of Leif Lindner, CEO of IFA Management 10:10 ➡️ 11:49: industry news This episode features: …

Samsung pursues accessibility with new SeeColors feature for colour blind users

The SeeColors feature, which helps viewers with colour vision deficiency recalibrate their screens, is part of Samsung's ongoing accessibility efforts

VR headset makers look beyond gaming to fitness

Makers of virtual reality (VR) headsets are moving away from a gaming-only focus and aim to engage a new audience of fitness enthusiasts

Apple acquires AR start-up Mira after unveiling first AR headset, Vision Pro

Apple has acquired Mira, an augmented reality (AR) start-up after launching its Vision Pro headset, the company’s first foray into AR

Samsung Announces Bespoke Jet AI, The World’s First UL-Verified AI-Powered Cordless Stick Vacuum

Samsung has unveiled its latest innovation: the Bespoke Jet AI, the world's first UL-Verified AI-powered cordless stick vacuum Revolutionising Home Cleaning with AI Technology: Samsung unveils the Bespoke Jet AI, the world's first UL-Verified AI-powered cordless stick vacuum, revolutionising the way we clean our homes. Enhanced Cleaning Capabilities with AI-Powered Sensors Equipped with intelligent sensors,…

Beko’s new Split&Cook oven cooking multiple dishes easy

In the run-up to this year's IFA, Beko has alreadyannounced an exciting innovation in the field ofcooking and baking, with the launch of its new built-inoven featuring Split&Cook technology: The oven'scooking space delete in can be divided, allowingsimultaneous baking, stewing or grilling - all withoutcross contamination of flavours, the company says. In the divisible cooking…

LG Smart Cam: Enhancing user interaction with Smart TVs

The LG Smart Cam offers immersive interaction, optimises home fitness sessions, and expands the entertainment experience for LG TV users With its advanced features, the LG Smart Cam enhances user experience and provides added value for those seeking convenient interactions, personalised fitness sessions, and enjoyable entertainment. Key Selling Points : Immersive Interaction: The LG Smart…

Polycrisis problem-solving and entering the metaverse: Keynotes from IMB day two

Embracing the change was a cornerstone theme of IMB this year, with individuals and companies broadcasting their vision of the future, enhanced by the latest technical innovations. Callum Booth, a technology journalist representing IFA, set the tone for day two of IMB with a brief recap of the event’s coverage so far. Mr Booth referenced perhaps…

Consumer electronics and appliance rental market to almost double by 2027

The global consumer electronics and appliance rental market market is expected to reach $104.60 billion (€95.6bn) in 2027, growing at a CAGR of 11.7% A new study by Report Linker suggests that the market will reach $67.29 billion in 2023, driven by both growing demand for electronic devices and rental businesses "adopting new technology to…

Key IFA exhibitors give exclusive glimpse of their IFA innovations to the press at IMB

The two-day IFA Innovations Media Briefing 2023 (IMB) saw a set of leading industry players giving an exclusive glimpse of their latest product innovations and marketing strategies ahead of this year at IFA 2023 With the International Keynote sessions at this week's IMB 2023 touching on a range of themes including smart technology, artificial intelligence…
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