WowWee introduces adorable robot pet Dog-E

The new interactive Dog-E by robotic toy company WowWee can hear your voice, sense your touch and even learn tricks

Thie smart and app-connected Dog-E has been designed to mimic life-like movements, with its audio sensors, touch sensors, and a unique POV tail. The robotic dog is designed to offer an immersive and engaging experience for users of all ages.

Through the minting process, the WowWee product reveals its distinctive colours, characteristics, and an individual personality, aiming for each interaction to feel like a one-of-a-kind experience.

When the user activates Dog-E, it virtually springs to life and unveils a display of colourful lights, sounds, and personality traits. With over a million possible combinations, each robotic dog is unique and tailored to its owner’s preferences.

Seamless App Integration

An accompanying app allows users to unlock a world of possibilities with WowWee’s Dog-E. Through the app, you can personalise your Dog-E’s training, making it learn your name and respond to commands. You have the freedom to program movements based on how you want to play and interact with your robot companion.

Teach Dog-E your favourite tricks, such as giving kisses, singing, or responding to claps. The app acts as a bridge between you and your Dog-E, enhancing the bond.

Tail-Talk and Communication

Dog-E has a distinctive POV tail that serves as its mode of communication. It can display emotes, icons, and messages, enabling your robotic pup to express its needs and emotions.

Through tail movements and visual cues, Dog-E will let you know when it’s hungry, seeking love, or eager to play. With its unique personality, which you can customise through the ‘MINTiD’ feature, Dog-E will captivate you with its charming and expressive communication style.

The Perfect Companion

Dog-E from WowWee is designed to be a faithful and interactive companion that brings joy and entertainment to users. Whether you’re a dog lover or a tech enthusiast, the product is designed to capture your heart and provide endless hours of fun and companionship.

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