Vestel raises the bar with new EV charging solutions

Vestel has unveiled a new range of fast and ultra-fast DC and AC chargers for electric vehicles (EV) with powerful features and innovative designs.

Two new charger series have been unveiled by Vestel. The company has launched both a DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating current) series of chargers for electric vehicles.

The standout EV chargers are intended to be viable in the long-term and easy-to-install, with options for customisation. The chargers feature dynamic load management, which ensures efficiency, working to eliminate the risk of the local grid overloading, as well as streamlining costs for the installation of multi-EV charger projects.

DC Series

The Vestel DC Chargers headline the new range of chargers. The chargers have power outputs of up to 180kW. As well as this, the DC Chargers are upgradeable, meaning users can get more power for their pocket. Vestel DC Chargers offer an outlet for CCS, and another for CCS and CHAdeMO, as well as AC charging to ensure optimum flexibility.

AC Series

The Vestel Professional AC series offers a viable, future-proof and easy-to-maintain solution with Double AC socket models that allow two electric vehicles to be charged simultaneously, each with a 22kW power output and using a European Type 2 connector.

The Single Socket EV Charger, which has an adjustable power output of 22kW, offers a robust, best-in-class flame retardant design for residential as well as start-up and boutique businesses. Intuitive to use, it is ideal for first time adopters, working with the free-to-download Drive Green app to set up and pre-schedule charging times, as well as check on energy usage.

Vestel is a leading multi-industry manufacturer, specialising in a range of markets from consumer electronics and household appliances, to smart homes, IoT solutions and electric vehicle chargers.

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