Health start-up Nabla introduces tech stack for patient engagement

Digital healthcare start-up Nabla has announced a new health tech stack for patient engagement.

The French company specialises in digital care, namely maintaining relationships between practitioners and patients through a machine learning-powered care platform. Now, the company has introduced its machine learning tech stack to other healthcare providers, in a further step towards Nabla becoming a B2B service provider.

Nabla’s patient communications and engagement platform is powered by artificial intelligence, and is designed to provide a data-driven service with real-time updates.

The company says that by supporting healthcare professionals with relevant data, it can help to improve medical outcomes. Artificial intelligence is used to aggregate patient activity and relevant data, giving clinicians the relevant info for a patient consultation.

Nabla’s patient engagement tech stack has been compared to having a family doctor in the room, one with full comprehension of the patient’s medical history. The technology can give healthcare professionals the option for continuous care, by offering ongoing outreach via messages to set reminders for treatment or consult medical progress.

In an interview, Nabla co-founder and CEO Alexandre Lebrun explained that his long term goal is to use this data not only for the benefit of one patient, but to learn and aggregate all the data and to try to predict what might happen next with the patient or to do faster diagnostics.

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