Beko’s new Split&Cook oven cooking multiple dishes easy

In the run-up to this year’s IFA, Beko has already
announced an exciting innovation in the field of
cooking and baking, with the launch of its new built-in
oven featuring Split&Cook technology: The oven’s
cooking space delete in can be divided, allowing
simultaneous baking, stewing or grilling – all without
cross contamination of flavours, the company says.

In the divisible cooking chamber of the Split&Cook built-in oven BBVM13400XDS, from the
bPRO 500 series, two different dishes can be prepared at a temperature difference of up to
80°C, Beko says. Users can bake sourdough bread at 250 °C and at the same time cook
lasagne at 170°C, or gratinate a hearty vegetable casserole and prepare the sweet apple
crumble for afternoon coffee at the same time – and the flavours stay where they belong.

Meanwhile, if only a couple of rolls or croissants need warming on a Sunday morning, the
half of the oven that is not required can remain significantly cooler – thus saving up to 18%
energy. The oven has an energy efficiency rating of A+.

Turn one into two with a flick of the wrist

According to the manufacturer, the 72-litre cooking space can be divided into an upper and a lower segment in just a flick of the wrist, if it is not being used to its full height, thanks to a
heat-insulating plate.

Both compartments have their own fans with AeroPerfect technology, which are said to
optimally distribute hot air and thus ensure, for example, evenly golden brown biscuits
without burnt corners.

In terms of practical features, the Split&Cook has telescopic rails in both halves of the oven to make it easy to put food in and take it out.

The light comes on automatically when the oven door is opened, and the door closes gently with SoftClose. The side rails, featuring five shelf levels can be detached for easier cleaning

Precise control on both levels

Finally, the new oven can be operated via the LCD display and the rotary knobs almost like
two independent ovens: two controllers allow the temperature to be set to an accuracy of five degrees each, taking into account the maximum temperature difference, separate timers for both sub-rooms are integrated. The oven has a total of 14 types of heating – in addition to top/bottom heat and convection, these include programs such as defrosting, grilling, pizza
and keeping warm.

Key Selling Points

  • Split&Cook technology allowing two dishes to be cooked at a temperature difference of up to 80°C, without flavours mixing
  • A+ rated efficiency
  • LCD display and rotary knobs for easy and intuitative control of both segments

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