Sony launches ZV-1F camera for vloggers to elevate their content

Sony has announced the launch of a new digital camera – the ZV – 1F, specially designed for vloggers, influencers and content creators.

Said to be easy-to-use and with dazzling image quality, the ZV-1F features an ultra wide-angle 20mm lens to capture a wider field of view than the human visual field, so vloggers can take images with “eye-popping depth and perspective”, even in narrow spaces, both indoors and outdoors, Sony claims.

Without any special settings or filters, the ZV-1F can also accurately capture skin tone, ensuring the user a healthy and natural look. Users can also use the Soft Skin Effect to edit and adjust skin smoothness, while the Eye AF function, automatically recognises human faces and eyes, making sure they stay in focus in front of the lens.

To switch focus to another subject, users just need to touch the screen and lighting will automatically adapt, using the Face Priority AE feature to ensure faces are bright.

Finally, bokeh is easy, and accessible at the push of a button. Using the Bokeh Switch, the camera’s large 1.0-type image sensor enables the user to defocus the background to make the main subject stand out against the bokeh background.

Moving onto the camera’s video shooting capabilities, the ZV – F1 promises “beautifully coloured images from the get-go without users needing to worry about editing”.

With the ZV-1F, budding vloggers don’t need a fancy crew for fancy colour – just to choose from 10 available presets for pro-level footage that matches the scene and style. Users can also adjust the footage speed just by pressing the S&Q button.

The camera enables users to shoot smooth video at speeds up to 5x slower, or use hyperlapse shooting to make the video up to 60x faster and bring their vision to life.

Where the audio is concerned, the ZV – F1 also promises high performance.

Indoors or outdoors, the ZV-1F is designed to always capture the voice clearly. The built-in Directional 3-Capsule Mic collects sound from the front area of the camera, giving vloggers high quality audio, so they can put their energy into creativity, instead of worrying about the sound while recording. It also features a wind screen so the voice remains clear whether shooting outside or in.

Key Selling Points

  • Ultra wide-angle 20mm lens to capture a wider field of view than the human visual field
  • Soft Skin Effect and Eye AF function to keep vloggers in focus and looking their best
  • Built-in Directional 3-Capsule Mic

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