Interest in smart home products in Germany steadily growing

According to a survey carried out German industry association Bitkom, 41% of all Germans have installed at least one smart home product in 2021, steadily increasing over the past two years. However, experts are advising consumers to pay more attention to wireless standards and ensure they purchase reputable products.

Ease, convenience and comfort were the biggest drivers behind the purchase of smart home products, with 78% citing such a reason, while 69% said they were keen to make their homes safer. 62% listed energy-efficiency as a top priority for purchasing.

Bernhard Rohleder

Bitkom managing director, Bernhard Rohleder, commented: “The devices of the different manufacturers are becoming increasingly compatible, so that they can be connected or controlled via a common platform. Smart home applications make our lives more comfortable, safer and also more climate-friendly.

“The use of intelligent heating and air conditioning technology is particularly worthwhile for homeowners,” added Rohleder.

Though the interest is growing, there is still some concern over cybersecurity, which is causing consumers in Germany to be hesitant or avoid smart home products altogether. In fact, 41% of respondents said they were worried about attacks by hackers. The fear of misuse of personal data was a big factor for 39% of those who said they are continuing to avoid smart home products, while 32% have general privacy concerns.

For 37%, price continues to be a restrictive barrier. Nearly a third said the devices were too complicated to operate and 29% said that installation was too complex.

Rohleder continued: “When it comes to smart home devices in particular, consumers shouldn’t head to the bargain bin, but instead look for products that are certified in line with international standards. These standards make smart home applications extremely secure against external attacks.”

Main findings:

  • Intelligent lighting and smart lamps are used in one-in-three homes, with a year-on-year growth of 6%;
  • 23% said they use smart video surveillance;
  • 21% said they use an intelligent alarm system;
  • The number of Germans using a robotic lawn mower has doubled from 8% in 2020 to 16% this year;
  • 13% own a robot vacuum cleaner;
  • 17% of all Germans have a smart radiator or thermostat installed;
  • The number of German consumers who have installed a smart home product grew 10% from 31% in 2019 and 4% from 37% in 2020.

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