Date May 23, 2022

In this edition, we’ll be talking all about the gaming industry. From the latest products and technology, including the rapidly rising trend of cloud technology. As well as some of the key points to come out of the recent IFA Digital Press Conference. Our special guests are Steven Bailey, Senior Principal Analyst of Games and Paul Gray, Research Director of Consumer Electronics, both from Omdia as they give us their views of the gaming landscape today and how they see the industry developing into 2022

Time-stamped show notes

00:00 ➡️ 01:00: introduction

01:00 ➡️ 04:30: industry news

04:30 ➡️ 19:50: exclusive interview of Steve Bailey, Senior Principal Analyst of Games and Paul Gray, Research Director of Consumer Electronics both from Omdia

19:50 ➡️ 22:08: industry news

This episode features: 

Steve is senior principal analyst within the games team at Omdia. He specializes in the online PC gaming market, virtual worlds, online consoles, as well as casual, browser-based, and social gaming. 

He also provides consultancy services for major international clients and general games intelligence service work. Steve focuses on subscription and micro-transaction markets in the West as well as in emerging gaming sectors. Prior to joining Omdia, Steve had an accomplished career in games journalism in a variety of magazine roles. Most notably, he lent his distinctive voice as a freelance writer to Edge, the influential games periodical. Over the six years of his career as a writer, Steve published several thousand published pages of video game content within the specialist press. 

Steve attended Cardiff University in Wales, completing a PhD in mathematics with an emphasis on numerical analysis and multivariate calculus.  

Paul Gray leads the Consumer Electronics research team.

His main research area is TV sets, focusing on the European region, broadcast technology, smart TV, and new TV features. Paul is also heavily engaged in researching the development of the Ultra HD ecosystem.

He joined Omdia, formerly IHS Markit, more than 10 years ago. With more than 30 years’ experience in the TV set supply chain working for NXP and Philips in semiconductors and displays, Paul continues to research the TV set business. He has also worked on wearable and media devices and has tracked and forecast the smart TV business from its very beginning. Paul has been cited by, among others, the Financial Times, Korea Times, Korea Daily, Nikkei, and Le Monde. He has also offered expert viewpoints in online, radio, and television programming. Paul holds a degree in electrical engineering and a diploma in industrial studies.

Valuable resources

Omdia: https://omdia.tech.informa.com/

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