Peak Design launches “world’s most capable” phone accessories

California-based sustainable accessories brand Peak Design is set to launch “the world’s most capable phone case” and a whole ecosystem of mobile accessories to coincide with the launch of the Apple iPhone 13.

There are two phone cases in the collection – The Everyday Case and Loop Case, which are both said to be great options for the iPhones 11, 12, and 13, and the Galaxy S21.

The cases are similar, but the Loop Case, as the name suggests, comes with a flat loop on the back for easy holding. Both cases feature a nylon canvas shell and slim 2.4mm profile with a rubberised bumper.

With a six metre drop rating, the cases are robust and also feature an additional protective lip around the camera lenses.

The magnetic and mechanical lock integrates directly into the Everyday Case and helps set it apart from its competitors, Peak Design says. It’s a quick and secure mounting technique known as SlimLink. This allows the user to connect to all Peak Design Mobile mounts and chargers.

The Universal Adapter makes almost any phone or case compatible with Peak Design Mobile mounts and accessories. The adapter installs via 3M VHB adhesive, is just 2.5mm thick, adding minimal bulk to the back of your phone. Both cases are compatible with MagSafe chargers.

The accessories collection features a huge range of different mounting options too – The Mobile Tripod, Mobile Slim Wallet, Mobile Stand Wallet and the Mobile Car Mount, a Motorcycle Mount, Mobile Universal Bike Mount and a Wall Mount.

The collection includes the Wireless Charging Stand – designed to fit in most common charging areas like desks or nightstands.

It’s charging plate features a magnetic mount on the front to lock the phone upright so it can be viewed while charging. It also features an adjustable hinge to change the angle or to fold the stand completely for easy storage or travel. It comes with a charging cable and power adapter. It does require the phone to have an Everyday Case, but it also works with an iPhone 12 or Apple MagSafe Case.

Finally, The Creator Kit includes a rugged and hard-locking magnetic SlimLink phone mount plus hardware to connect it to Arca tripod heads and GoPro mounts. If you already own a Capture Clip for your DSLR or mirrorless camera, you can use this kit to attach your iPhone to the clip and then to your backpack straps for hands-free carry-on long hikes or city adventures.

Key selling points

  • Universal adapter so accessories can be used with all phones
  • Seven mounting options
  • Innovative wireless charging stand with charging plate

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