Panasonic offers new smart home ventilation solutions in North American market with Swidget

Panasonic has announced a new, end-to-end smart home ventilation solution, as the exclusive distributor of Swidget smart controls in North America, saying the partnership will mean “optimal indoor air quality and a healthier home.”

The smart devices can be paired with most of Panasonic’s portfolio of ventilation solutions, including its Whisper ventilation fans and its advanced energy recovery ventilators (ERVs), creating what the company describes as “a complete smart home ventilation eco-system”.

“We are pleased to provide Panasonic’s North American customers with a portfolio of end-to-end ventilation solutions from a high quality brand and single source,” said Kevin Smith, General Manager for Life and Device Solutions at Panasonic Canada on announcing the exclusive partnership with Swidget.

Panasonic explains that the Swidget inserts compliment their own ventilation systems by detecting changes in temperature, humidity, air quality, and motion, essentially turning the solutions on or off, based on levels of these detections. They are then programmed to work with Panasonic’s ventilation systems, fitting directly into existing Swidget outlets and are interchangeable, allowing customers to create a customised, flexible, modular solution.

(Photo: Swidget Modular Smart Devices,

By working exclusively with Swidget in North America, Smith says Panasonic’s ventilation systems would now have the extra convenience of “empowering homeowners to control their home’s air quality on the go and make real time adjustments to fit everyone’s air quality preferences.”

Panasonic explains that homeowners will now have the added ability to use a mobile app to control their home air quality from anywhere, which will in turn provide crucial energy efficiency information on power consumption, cost, and scheduling. That means users can truly keep track of what’s happening in their house.

“We’re honoured to partner with the industry leader in ventilation and indoor air quality” said Cam Wilson, CEO of Swidget Corp. Going on to praise Panasonic’s products for their innovation and energy efficiency, he said when combined with the Swidget control ecosystem, homeowners would now be able to further improve their indoor environment at an even lower operating cost: “With Healthy Home and sustainability being top-of-mind concerns for most homeowners, it’s an outstanding solution”.

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