Dreo ChefMaker the world's first combi fryer secures $1 M on Kickstarter in a day

2 Jun 2023

The Dreo ChefMaker won the CES 2023 Innovation Award and raised $1 million in just one day with over 5,000 backers, reaching 11,500% of its funding goal on May 23, 2023

Xiaomi takes another step into large appliances with new Mijia 400L refrigerator

30 May 2023

Xiaomi continues to extend its home appliances product line with the launch of Mijia Italian Style 400L 3-door refrigerator

Wearable payment brand RingPay by McLear launches on Amazon

29 May 2023

RingPay by McLear is a smart ring that enables users to pay for things with a wave of the hand

Inside the technology that will shape the future of digital communication

25 May 2023

HandsFree Health unveils personal emergency response speaker, transforming home healthcare management

24 May 2023

HandsFree Health, a leading provider of secure, HIPAA-compliant virtual health assistant platforms, has recently unveiled a new addition to their product lineup: the Personal Emergency Response Speaker

VinFast to expand into Southeast Asia e-mobility market

24 May 2023

Vinfast announces plans to expand into the Southeast Asian electric vehicle market with its full range of EVs plus right-hand steering versions

Simon Kucher chief reveals latest sustainability research and what it means to consumers

23 May 2023

DJI unveils Mavic 3 Pro: A game-changing drone with unparalleled aerial content capture

23 May 2023

DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and innovative camera technologies, today unveils the Mavic 3 Pro, a flagship drone featuring a three-camera system that ushers in a new era of aerial content capture through the integration of three cameras with different focal lengths

Samsung updates TV Plus Mobile App enhanced for mobile users

22 May 2023

With the latest update of TV Plus, Samsung optimises its free app for phones with a new vertical format and launches exclusive new content