Gigabyte set to launch new 55-inch 4K gaming monitor

The S55U – a 55-inch 4K monitor – has been launched by the Chinese manufacturer Gigabyte, who are marketing the model primarily as a big format gaming display.

The monitor uses vertical alignment technology combined with quantum dots to produce bold colours. The S55U has a response rate of two to five milliseconds, along with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Strong brightness and contrast is further enhanced by a 132 local dimming zone backlight array, and colour gamut is reported to be 96% DCI-P3.

There is a selection of features for gamers, including Black Equaliser, Aim Stabiliser Sync and an OSD Timer.

Beyond the screen, Gigabyte’s monitor comes with Android OS, Google Assistant and Chromecast. Two 10W speakers feature a range of sound presents, and HDMI 2.1, USB and Ethernet ports make the monitor adaptable to a variety of technologies. Wi-FI and Bluetooth connection is also possible.

At time of writing, Gigabyte had yet to release information on the release date or pricing for the model.

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