Innovating for the environment: Grundig adds built-in microplastic filter to washing machines

Grundig is expanding its sustainable product range, offering a solution to avoid microplastics in the water: the world’s first washing machines with built-in microplastic filter. The new technology filters up to 90% of textile microfibres from the washing water before they enter the wastewater and pollute the environment.

With a share of around 33% of total plastic pollution in the oceans, synthetic clothing and textiles in particular are one of the largest sources of harmful microplastics.

With every wash, clothing and textiles release up to 3,000 fibres that reach our rivers, lakes and seas via wastewater. There, the microfibres are taken up by fish and other marine creatures, entering the food chain and ending up on our plates.

Grundig wants to stop this pollution cycle and brings the first washing machines with an integrated microplastic filter.

The first Grundig washing machines available with built-in microplastic filter technology are the models GW7P79419W for 9kg laundry and the 10kg model, GW7P510419W. The filter is located in the detergent compartment and is automatically activated in the Easy Care, Shirts and Outdoor/ Sport programmes. Several times during the washing cycle, the water is passed through the microplastic filter before it is pumped into the wastewater. Up to 90% of the synthetic microfibers are collected from the washing water inside the filter.

Clean laundry, clean seas: how washing machines with microplastic filters work

“For us at Grundig, sustainability starts at home. We want to lead by example and contribute to a sustainable future through innovative technologies and products. With our new washing machine with integrated microplastic filter, we are now consistently continuing this path and helping to reduce the pollution of our water by microplastics”, said Mario Vogl, CEO of Beko Grundig Deutschland GmbH.

Depending on the choice of washing programmes, a microplastic filter lasts between three and six months before it needs to be changed. The LED indicator on the display of the device shows when it is ready, and the replacement is easy for the consumer to undertake in just a few seconds.

The microplastic filter fits into the detergent distribution trap (Photo – Grundig)

To prevent microfibres caught by the microplastic filter from entering the environment, the filter must not be disposed of in domestic household or plastic waste. Grundig is working together with a specialised recycling company from Germany for professional disposal. This company disassembles the microplastic filter, which consists of 98% recycled plastic, and produces reusable materials from it in the sense of the circular economy. For the consumer, the return shipment of the used microplastic filter is free of charge.

Washing power meets environmental protection: more sustainable technologies for washing machines

Grundig’s sustainability approach does not stop with the microplastic filter. The GW7P79419W and GW7P510419W washing machines are equipped with a number of environmentally friendly innovations that do not compromise on the washing performance.

The drum housing is made of recycled PET bottles and the InverterEco Motor technology conserves resources. Thanks to optimised drum rotation, water and detergent distribution, the devices enable much greater resource-saving. This is also reflected in the energy efficiency of the washing machines, which, with the highest energy class A, are both good for the environment and for the wallet.

The Gentlewave drum ensures particularly thorough and gentle washing, whose wavy movements protect the laundry. The SupremeFresh technology reduces unpleasant odours by means of steam injection and at the same time protects against wrinkling of clothing. Also practical is the AddXtra function, which allows the later addition of forgotten clothes.

The Grundig washing machines GW7P79419W and GW7P510419W have a total of 20 washing programs: 14 directly accessible programs plus six programs that are available for download via the HomeWhiz app. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth, not only can special programs – such as for curtains, underwear or soft toys – be activated, the user can also start his or her device via HomeWhiz, stop, view the end time of the wash cycle or make temperature settings. There are also five additional functions, including pre-wash or steam treatment.

With its timeless, elegant design with black cover, the washing machine fits easily into any modern home.

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