LivePerson creates new Conversational Cloud using AI to drive business results

Since its inception pioneering the invention of web chat for brands, LivePerson has continually pushed the limits of digital engagement between businesses and their customers.

LivePerson has enhanced its industry-leading Conversational Cloud platform to help enterprise brands leverage Generative AI and Conversational AI in tandem to drive better business outcomes. Its AI innovations have been recognised by the world’s leading awards and recognition programmes for customer care, sales, marketing, and technology. The company started investing in large language models (LLMs) early, integrating them into its Conversational Cloud platform beginning in 2019 to drive dialog, understand user intent and sentiment, and recognise conversation success and resolution.

This month, the brand announced updates that will empower enterprises to safely and productively leverage Generative AI within its trusted Conversational AI platform, including:

Knowledge AI

This feature will be enhanced to include generative capabilities from OpenAI, beginning in the coming weeks with select co-innovation partner brands. Currently, hundreds of the world’s largest brands use Knowledge AI to create conversations out of their knowledge assets, with existing LLM integrations helping them understand and process conversations.

Conversation Assist

This feature facilitates agent oversight at scale to help AI running on the platform provide factual, up-to-date answers. By connecting Generative AI to LivePerson’s Conversation Assist system, brands can leverage generative outputs while keeping them grounded, factual, and truly helpful to customers.

Agent Productivity

These tools enable enterprises to track and improve customer service agent productivity and performance. These tools will be enhanced to leverage Generative AI models such as OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, for features including auto-summarisation, auto-completion, and customer journey tracking.

LivePerson updates its Conversation Cloud
Credit: LivePerson

In addition, LivePerson is co-innovating with some of the world’s largest brands to take Generative AI a step further, going beyond answering questions to deliver systems that can safely take action and solve problems. This will open new use cases to build on the billions of automated interactions that run through the Conversational Cloud every year, with six billion in 2022 alone.

LivePerson is uniquely positioned. Here’s why…

LivePerson’s AI is trained on a vast and rich data source derived from billions of conversational interactions each year, and is governed by 25+ years of experience managing brand-to-consumer interactions from the world’s largest enterprises.

Unlike other platforms, more than 350,000 humans participate in LivePerson’s AI learning loops, keeping conversations grounded and factual. This provides human feedback to the AI at a scale of hundreds of millions of data points.

The company draws conversational data from all channels across voice and digital to produce actionable insights and drive better business outcomes. While its commitment to fight bias in AI is deep and long-standing.

LivePerson is a founding member of EqualAI, a nonprofit instituted in 2018 to help set national standards for responsible AI. Today, the organisation spreads awareness about responsible AI to hundreds of teams and trains senior executives on how to operationalise trustworthy AI principles.

In 2021, its president and CEO, Miriam Vogel was appointed to chair the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee, which advises the US President and National AI Initiative Office on a range of issues related to artificial intelligence.

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