LG reveals first stretchable HD display

LG Display, an innovator in display technologies, recently showcased what it describes as the world’s first 12-inch high-resolution stretchable display.

The innovative product uses free-form technology, meaning users can extend, twist and fold the display without damaging it. It is reportedly the industry’s first display to feature 20% stretchability, with a resolution of 100 ppi and full-colour RGB.

For the eye-catching invention, LG Display used a resilient substrate made of silicon, which is also found in contact lenses. The 12-inch display can be stretched up to 14 inches, with a free-form design.

In terms of lighting, the stretchable model uses a micro-LED light source with durability that can endure through tough impacts.

“Alongside its thin, lightweight design, the Stretchable display’s revolutionary technology offers next-level versatility for various daily scenarios,” says LG Display.

“Easily attachable to curved surfaces such as skin, clothing, furniture, automobiles and aircraft, this unique innovation expands the potential of the display in various industries including fashion, wearables, mobility and gaming.”

The device is the product of a national research and development project commissioned by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of South Korea in 2020.

“We will successfully complete this project to enhance the competitiveness of Korean display technology while continuing to lead the industry’s paradigm shift,” remarked Soo-young Yoon, Executive Vice President and CTO at LG Display.

LG Display also revealed its third quarter 2022 results, which saw revenues increase by 21% to approximately €4.9 billion (6,771 billion Korean won). In the second quarter, this figure was reportedly €4.07 billion (5,607 billion Korean won).

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