LG takes iF gold award for OLED Objet Collection

LG has been awarded with an impressive 20 iF Gold Awards, including recognitions for its LG OLED Objet Collection. The company received 16 awards for Product Design, three for User Interface and also the iF Gold Award for its OLED Objet Collection (model 65Art90).

The iF Gold Award recognises products based on criteria such as differentiation and impact, in nine disciplines and categories: Product, Packaging, Communication, Interior Architecture, Professional Concept, Service Design, Architecture, User Experience (UX) and User Interface.

The OLED Objet Collection, one of the Lifestyle TV lineup, received the iF Gold Award for outstanding design, described as “blending seamlessly into any room with its minimalist style and subtle use of neutral colours, bringing immediate sophistication and visual harmony to any indoor space”.

Users of LG’s OLED Objet Collection can lower the TV cover to reveal the full extent of the screen for the maximum viewing experience, or cover the display to only see a curated selection of lifestyle features.

LG recognised for product design and innovation

A range of LG products were recognised for product design and innovation, especially for category-leading aesthetics, functionality and technological innovation. Among the other products that were rewarded were the OLED evo Gallery Edition (77G2), OLED evo (65C2) and XBOOM 360.

In the user experience categories, both the LG OLED Objet Collection and LG StanbyME (model 27Art10) were awarded for convenience and viewing comfort for delivering more usability. The StanbyME features a touch screen that lets users configure the device with ease. The user interface is specifically designed for the product, and is reportedly unlike any other user experience on TVs, by tailoring itself to the users personal viewing habit.


LG receives the iF Design Award

The iF Design Award has been a revered award since 1953. The coveted prize is conferred by the iF International Forum Design GmbH based in Hanover, and is recognised as one of the top three design awards in the world, alongside the Red Dot Design Award and IDEA (International Design Excellence Award).

“Winning an iF Design Award is confirmation of quality for outstanding design and exceptional customer service and, for consumers and users, an iF Design Award is guarantee that the product displaying the mark is the best in its class”, said LG in a news statement.

“We are very honoured to be recognised at the iF Design Award after being recognised at the Red Dot Design Award for design excellence”, said Lee Chul-bae, senior vice president and executive head of LG Electronics’ Life Innovation Design Centre. “LG Electronics has always strived to offer the best user experiences and the highest aesthetic value, which is why it is very meaningful to have our efforts recognised by one of the top design award”.

The company recently took home 25 awards for product design excellence at the Red Dot Awards. The event, which took place in March 2022, saw the company receive multiple awards including three Best of the Best accolades for its washer and dryer with an upgradability option, a new lifestyle OLED TV and the DualUp Monitor Ergo.

“We’re delighted to have so many of our innovations acknowledged by Red Dot again this year”, said Mr Lee. “Design that offers the best user experiences and the most aesthetic value is something we always strive for, so it is very meaningful to have our efforts recognised by one of the top design award programs in the world”.

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