Lenovo unveils ThinkSmart View Plus: Empowering hybrid work with enhanced collaboration

Lenovo, a leading global provider of innovative computing solutions, today announced the launch of ThinkSmart View Plus

The Lenovo ThinkSmart View Plus is available from July in select markets worldwide starting from $2,345 USD. The standalone collaboration device, certified for Microsoft Teams Display, works with Windows 11 devices to enable hybrid work by increasing productivity, flexibility, and collaboration.

The integrated device features a 27-inch multi-touch display, premium video and audio, and built-in compute for powerful productivity and collaboration. Designed to enhance personal productivity, the ThinkSmart View Plus offers a customised and flexible Microsoft Teams Display experience with added security features, providing access to Teams chat, calendar, and files, while also enabling workers to join meetings through the device.

Productivity, flexibility, and collaboration

The new smart collaboration solution also offers hotdesking capabilities, allowing employees to quickly locate flexible workspaces to touch down and make calls, set up ad-hoc meetings, or sign into their personal Teams experience.

Once signed-in, employees can enjoy smooth transitions from their home office to their work office without a complicated set-up, all while having a customised Teams experience. Upon sign out, users’ personal information is removed from the device—minimising security risks.

So users can explore big ideas together, the ThinkSmart View Plus features a passive stylus pen and a Microsoft whiteboard application. Users can also hear and be heard more clearly thanks to a premium soundbar with two 5w speakers and four-mic array, while the 4K IRGB camera with auto framing and AI security features deliver crisp, clear images.

LENOVO think smart view plus
Credit : www.lenovo.com

Cutting-edge features of the ThinkSmart View Plus

“The ThinkSmart View Plus is designed with the functionality to help increase productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction,” said Shannon MacKay, General Manager of Worldwide Smart Collaboration Business, Lenovo.

“And with the Lenovo ThinkSmart View Plus now certified for Microsoft Teams Display, customers know they have a high-quality advanced collaboration solution to empower team members.”

Powerful capabilities

Lenovo aims to provide a comprehensive solution that enables hybrid work and empowers individuals and teams to work together efficiently and effectively.

With its advanced features, intuitive interface, and focus on security, the ThinkSmart View Plus is poised to become a valuable tool in the modern workplace.

In conclusion, Lenovo’s announcement of the ThinkSmart View Plus marks a significant milestone in the realm of collaborative devices. As businesses embrace hybrid work models, this integrated solution offers a powerful and secure platform for increased productivity, flexibility, and collaboration.

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