The Klipsch Jubilee floorstanding speaker – the summit of the brand’s expertise

Klipsch has announced the new flagship of its iconic Heritage series of speakers—the Klipsch Jubilee. It is is the only speaker in the company’s 75-year history to surpass the legendary Klipschorn in its spot at the top of the Klipsch Heritage series.

The Klipsch Jubilee is the final project to be worked on by founder Paul W. Klipsch (PWK). It was his dream to create a fully horn-loaded speaker that would satisfy the most ardent audiophiles. Originally intended to be the successor to the Klipschorn, PWK soon realised it was much more than that. Twenty-first-century advancements in engineering and technology have allowed Klipsch to make his dream a reality.

The Klipsch Jubilee is a fully horn-loaded two-way loudspeaker, designed to deliver the ultimate listening experience. It incorporates the latest acoustic technology, including:

A patented, horn-loaded, vented, low-frequency enclosure that delivers what the manufacturer describes as unrivalled dynamics and clean bass from its dual 12” woofers and three 4” ports.

An all-new, horn-loaded, compression driver with a 7” axiperiodic titanium diaphragm provides wide bandwidth for seamless clarity and accuracy.


Each component is specifically optimised to operate in its individual pass-band, making it one of the most efficient loudspeakers on the planet.

An active crossover network ensures the highest degree of accurate, true-to-life sound reproduction through a built-in digital signal processor (DSP) and equaliser. It enables using separate amplifiers for the high frequency and low-frequency speakers eliminates phase cancellation in the crossover region and may be shelf or rack-mounted.

Two standard real-wood veneer finishes — satin black ash and American walnut complement modern furnishings.

Like the entire range of Klipsch Heritage speakers, Klipsch Jubilee speakers are designed and handcrafted in the USA and carry a 10-year warranty. Each speaker is grain-matched using wood veneer panels from the same timber, resulting in a speaker pair that is virtually indistinguishable from the other.

The Klipsch Jubilee speakers are priced at US MSRP $35,000/pr.

Key selling points:

  • Extraordinary dynamics and deep bass
  • Specifically optimised components
  • Active crossover network for accurate sound reproduction


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