Jura launches Z10 – a new coffee machine for hot and cold brews

Swiss premium coffee machine manufacturer, Jura, has launched the Z10 which can be used to prepare “the full spectrum of hot drinks at the touch of a button – from intense espresso to trendy flat white”. The manufacturer promises “a whole new dimension in coffee enjoyment with the introduction of cold brew specialties”.

The Z10 features a great deal of innovation, Jura says, including its exclusive Product Recognising Grinder (PRG), which is said to identify the chosen specialty and then adjust the fineness of the grind accordingly, instantly and precisely.

According to the Swiss brand, the automatic grinder accommodates any coffee specialty, whether its a hot or cold brew. Also, for the first time, cold brew specialties are available at the touch of a button, thanks to Jura’s pioneering Cold Extraction Process, the company claims.

Cold water is slowly pulsed through freshly ground coffee under high pressure. The result, says Jura, is a completely new way of experiencing coffee – refreshing, energising, and with a wonderfully balanced aroma.

The coffee machine comes with a touch display and a blue crystal rotary switch. Optional artificial intelligence and a specialty selection menu makes it “easy and intuitive” to use. Meanwhile, the integrated maintenance programmes promise maximum hygiene.

Adding to the machine’s functionality is the integrated Wi-Fi Connect, which makes the Z10 compatible with innovative JOE (Jura Operating Experience), an exclusive free app for operating the machine from a smartphone or tablet. JOE lets users personalise their favourite beverages, initiate brewing, view maintenance instructions and videos, and more.

Finally, where aesthetics are concerned, the coffee machine features a sculptural design with a convex-concave front panel and coordinating finishing details, including a clear water tank with a wave design. The water tank and coffee bean container and conveniently accessible from the front of the machine. With its attention to detail and absolute manufacturing precision, Jura says its Z10 is a tribute to excellent taste.

Key selling points:

  • Innovative new cold extraction process
  • Broad choice of brews
  • Sculptural design

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