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The IFA Tech Talk podcast is the official voice of the world’s leading trade show for consumer and home electronics.
The year-round podcast IFA Tech Talk focuses on all the latest industry news, trends and business insights worldwide.
Regular in-depth interviews with key industry players and operators, host Harry Benjamin brings you monthly news roundups and breaking stories that you will not only want to hear, but to be a part of.
Connect and stay ahead of the game with expert insights and latest industry trends. Each month with a different theme, allows listeners to dive a little deeper into the topic.
This podcast is for you, whether you are:

👉 Exhibitor 👉 Trade Visitor
👉 Buyer, 👉 Industry professional

🔊 In each episode:

💡 Industry news, 💡 Key figures
💡 Leading industry insight, 💡 The «Exclusive» Interview

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28 Jan 2022 - Episode 4

IFA Tech Talk #4 – Sebastien Kebbe, Managing Director of Beurer

In this edition, we’ll be talking all about small home appliances. From the latest in smart home tech development, company sustainability commitments and the newest products on the market. We also take a look at the current market trends and how the rise and fall of demand is affecting both companies and customers. Our special…
30 Nov 2021 - Episode 3

IFA Tech Talk #03 – Boštjan Pečnik, Executive Vice President – Research & Development – Hisense Gorenje

In this third edition, we’ll be talking about the world of Household Appliances.Our special guest is Boštjan Pečnik, Executive Vice President – Research & Development – Hisense Gorenje, talking about key developments as we head towards 2022. 
11 Oct 2021 - Episode 2

IFA Tech Talk #02 – Boyd Cohen, CEO of Iomob

In this second edition, we’ll be talking about the world of mobility.A key speaker in Shift Mobility Convention and our special guest is Boyd Cohen, CEO of Iomob
27 Jul 2021 - Episode 1

IFA Tech Talk #01 – Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, Art Director & Chief Representative of Leica Galleries International

Hello and welcome to the brand-new IFA monthly news podcast, TECH TALK. In this first edition, we’ll be talking about the world of imaging, as IFA and Berlin Photo Week this year announced a partnership, supported by the Photo Industry Association PIV…A key participant in Photo Week will be Leica, and our special guest will…
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