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The IFA Tech Talk podcast is the official voice of the world’s leading trade show for consumer and home electronics.
The year-round podcast IFA Tech Talk focuses on all the latest industry news, trends and business insights worldwide.
Regular in-depth interviews with key industry players and operators, host Harry Benjamin brings you monthly news roundups and breaking stories that you will not only want to hear, but to be a part of.
Connect and stay ahead of the game with expert insights and latest industry trends. Each month with a different theme, allows listeners to dive a little deeper into the topic.
This podcast is for you, whether you are:

👉 Exhibitor 👉 Trade Visitor
👉 Buyer, 👉 Industry professional

🔊 In each episode:

💡 Industry news, 💡 Key figures
💡 Leading industry insight, 💡 The «Exclusive» Interview

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Nov 15, 2022 - Episode 13


In this edition, we’ll be looking at the world of Fitness and Digital Health. From the latest innovations in sports accessories to healthy lifestyle gadgets.  Plus, we take another look back at IFA 2022 and speak to the Overseas Business Division Executive Director of Kuvings about their latest innovations, what the future holds and what…
Oct 24, 2022 - Episode 12


In this edition, we’ll be looking at the world of Household Appliances. From the latest innovations in robotics to the latest releases in the commercial sector. Plus, we take a look back at IFA 2022 and speak to leading figures from Bosch and new start up venture, Home Connect Plus, to find out their thoughts…
Oct 5, 2022 - Episode 11


In this edition, we’ll be looking back at some of the highlights from IFA 2022 and speaking to some of the exhibitors down on the ground with our reporter Neil Cole. Speakers include TESLA’s Sales Director, Bojan Doder; C+A Global’s Director of Licensing Frederic Ilac; The Marketing Manager for Autel Robotics, Coco Lee and Calies…
Aug 31, 2022 - Episode 10


In this edition, we’ll be talking all about the consumer and home electronics industry with a focus on market trends ahead of IFA Berlin from the 2nd-6th September. We’re joined by a special guest, Dr Sara Warneke, Managing Director of GFU Consumer and Home Electronics and organiser of IFA. We chat about what to expect…
Aug 26, 2022 - Episode 9


In this edition, we’ll be talking all about the Connectivity industry. From the latest products and new technology, including the latest offerings from Sony and an in depth interview with Vice President and Global Head, Product, Partner and Technology Marketing at Qualcomm Technologies, Mike Roberts about Qualcomm’s future plans and their offerings at this year's…
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