New web3 partnership for Fenix Games and Horizon Blockchain Games

Video game publisher Fenix Games has recently agreed a technology partnership with web3 gaming company Horizon Blockchain Games.

Horizon Blockchain Games is regarded for developing Sequence, described as a leading Web3 developer platform featuring a developer stack and smart wallet. These features allow developers to develop and scale blockchain games to a wide audience.

Fenix Games has announced that it will continue to create strategic partnerships and agreements with companies specialising in global infrastructure, with a focus on bringing blockchain-related innovations to the gaming industry. The games publisher will reportedly be using Sequence to “advance the implementation and mass-market adoption of blockchain-based games,” as put in a press statement.

“We’re focused on helping game teams disentangle the myriad and complex tech stack choices to build on chain, so they can focus instead on the creative aspects of their craft,” says Rudy Koch, Chief Business Officer of Fenix Games.

“Horizon has been a long-time pioneer in the sector, first with their web3 trading card game Skyweaver, and now with their best-in-class developer platform and smart wallet, Sequence.”

Horizon said it is enabling developers specialising in web3 via its aforementioned developer stack and smart wallet, and that it intends to build an “ecosystem” within the web3 community centred around developing video games.

Web3 is a concept of the internet that uses technologies such as blockchain to offer a decentralised online platform. The term was coined by Gavin Wood, Co-Founder of open-source blockchain Ethereum, and the concept reportedly saw an increase in momentum in 2021, thanks to interest from tech companies, investment firms and players in the cryptocurrency industry. 

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