Take Fresh ‘n Rebel’s hearing test for tailor-made music

Fresh ‘n Rebel is offering tailor-made music to people’s ears, with its special sound booth at IFA 2022.

Attendees are invited to step inside the soundproof studio and take the Personal Sound app test to check their hearing. A selection of songs is then played, with all sounds and frequencies specifically tailored to the listener’s hearing.

Founder and chairman Pim Schoonenberg said: “The feedback has been amazing. For some people, the change is small, because they have good hearing, but for others they are so surprised and say it is incredible what they can hear.”

The company’s standout product, Clam ANC headphones, launched last year, but could not be presented in a live environment due to the pandemic. Now, consumers, distributors and retailers alike are trying out the unique technology, along with the new Bolt L2 speaker and Twins ANC Earbuds.

Making his eighth appearance at IFA, Mr Schoonenberg said: “Now we are finally back at IFA and I am very happy that we came. We have had so many meetings, and the quality of those who are here is very good.”

Outside the halls of the trade fair, the brand is developing the latest Clam Elite product, which is set to launch in the second quarter of 2023. “This product is completely different to any other of its kind in that it has a very institutional user interface,” Mr Schoonenberg explained. “People are always struggling with buttons on headphones, but we have come up with a really cool invention with buttons that you can turn and feel intuitively.”

Hall 4.2, Stand 105
Taken from Fresh 'n Rebel website
Taken from Fresh ‘n Rebel website
Taken from Fresh 'n Rebel website
Taken from Fresh ‘n Rebel website
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