4 Sep 2022

Faster storage solutions from HP

HP personal storage is showcasing its latest SSD and DRAM consumer storage lineup at IFA 2022. A HP SSD can improve overall system operating performance, offering impressive read and write speeds, improved boot times, faster application loads and longer battery life. 

On show is the new generation FX900 Pro M.2 SSD, and other award-winning products including HP V10 DDR4 memory modules, and portable storage devices such as the HP P700.

Key selling points

  • FX900 Pro achieves up to 7400 MB/s read speed
  • Independent DRAM cache and ultra-low data delay: ideal for gamers, professionals, and video makers
  • High-performance 8-channel Gen 4×4 controller and advanced NVMe 1.4 protocol
Hall 25 / Stand 101