Creanord’s YouTube user experience measurement for 5G networks

Creanord, a leading provider of network performance monitoring solutions, has recently unveiled a new feature that enables the measurement of YouTube user experience on 5G networks as well as mobile and fixed broadband networks offering access to the popular video streaming service

The 5G network capability is now commercially available, with deliveries slated to begin in the second half of 2023.

Video content constitutes a significant portion of the traffic on mobile networks today, and YouTube continues to dominate the video streaming landscape. In an intensely competitive market, delivering an exceptional user experience has become crucial for communication service providers to retain their existing customers and attract new ones. Consequently, the YouTube streaming service plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall user experience.

Jorma Hämäläinen, CEO at Creanord, expressed enthusiasm about the release of this feature, stating: “It is a great moment to bring our YouTube measurement to the market. We have a very strong network performance monitoring solution based on the TWAMP protocol. The YouTube measurement further strengthens the solution by measuring the user experience of one of the most important video services out there today.”

By measuring key user experience-related key performance indicators (KPIs), such as time-to-content, rebuffering events, and image quality, the YouTube measurement feature provides valuable insights to network operators.

Research indicates that if a video stream takes longer than five seconds to load, 50% of users are likely to abandon it, while multiple rebuffering events lead to a 76% abandonment rate. Thus, having visibility into these crucial KPIs allows operators to ensure that their networks meet the required standards, identify potential issues proactively, and rectify them before they negatively impact end-users. Ultimately, the YouTube measurement feature helps operators save costs by reducing churn and enabling targeted investments in the areas of the network that require improvement the most.

Claus Still, CTO at Creanord, highlighted the significance of delivering a good user experience in a fiercely competitive market. He said: “In a very competitive market, ensuring a good user experience is key for mobile network operators to differentiate their service against their competitors. Our YouTube measurement helps operators to stay on the pulse of their networks and proactively ensure consistent behaviour and an excellent user experience.”

The YouTube measurement capability is an integral part of the Creanord PULSure solution, which empowers service providers to track network performance and measure user experience throughout the entire service lifecycle. Complemented by advanced analytics, reporting, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, PULSure enables communication service providers to fulfil their service commitments consistently and reliably, 24/7.

In conclusion, Creanord’s latest enhancement to its network performance monitoring solution, featuring YouTube user experience measurement, addresses the growing demand for delivering seamless video streaming services in the age of 5G networks and broadband. By offering comprehensive insights into critical KPIs, the YouTube measurement feature empowers communication service providers to optimise network performance, minimise user dissatisfaction, and ultimately gain a competitive edge in the market. With Creanord’s PULSure solution, operators can confidently assure their customers that they will receive the service quality they expect and deserve, bolstering customer loyalty and satisfaction in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital content consumption.

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