Atom Studios launch new sustainable phone cases for Samsung phones

UK-based sustainable phone accessories brand, Atom Studios have announced the launch of a new collection of cases for Samsung phones following the success of their debut Apple accessories range in November 2021.

Called Touch, the case is available for the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ models and is crafted from natural silicone found in sand.

Atom Studios claim to be fully committed to sustainability, from the materials they use in their products and packaging, to the services they are initiating, such as full life cycle management enabling used products to be sent back to the company for appropriate recycling.

“Regardless of what it costs,” says the company, “we will always pick materials that deliver on performance and durability as well as having minimal impact on the environment. Where these materials can’t be sourced, we innovate them ourselves, such as the wood fibre used in our phone cases. This ensures our products have longevity and need to be replaced less frequently.”

Atom Studios say their latest phone cases are designed to be super soft, while still being durable and with plenty of grip. They are also lined with microfibre for further protection.

Atom Studios creative director Akbar Ali said: “The natural progression of the Atom Studios brand is to expand our range of smartphone accessories so that we cater to all customer’s needs.

“We started with Apple and now Samsung and we’re constantly adding new innovations to our range.

“Multiple markets have shown strong interest in our products demonstrating that there is a rising consumer need for tech accessories that look great and perform brilliantly – all whilst being sustainable.”

Key Selling Points

  • Crafted from natural silicone
  • Microfibre lining for extra protection
  • Allows for wireless charging

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