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Puppyoo Proudly Presents Their Premium Cordless Vacuum T12 Plus Rinse at the 2022 IFA

The global vacuum designing brand Puppyoo will reveal its entire arsenal of innovative cleaning technology at IFA2022 in Berlin, the biggest trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances in the world. Since 1999, Puppyoo has been dedicated to the advancement of vacuuming technology. The brand has accumulated 1052 patents worldwide and has mastered key…

The eagerly awaited Reseller Park organised by TT-Messe is back at IFA Berlin 2022 and is expected to attract more exhibitors than ever before

With the return of IFA as an on-site, real-life event in Berlin this year, the B2B meeting hub "Reseller Park" is also back in business

COLOP e-mark go – the mobile lifestyle printer

The E-Mark Go is an innovative mobile printer unlike any other on the market

Jabra designs audio, video and collaboration solutions for all rhythms of life

GN Audio offers a wide range of Elite wireless earbuds - Elite Pro, Elite Active and core Elite, each tailored to a specific type of use

Sauberair launches innovative air purifier disguised as a “work of art”

Sauberair claims to have developed the world's thinnest, most effective, wall-mounted air purifier, which doubles as a painting hanging on the wall.

KUBII makes IT more accessible with 1000s of products from trusted brands just a click away

KUBII has become an official reseller and international distributor of thousands of products and services from prestigious brands


In this edition, we’ll be talking all about the Fitness and Digital Health industry. From the latest products and new technology, including the latest offerings from globally renowned Fitness and Digital Health brand FitBit. We speak to Michael Maier, head of FitBit Central Europe about his hopes for the future and what they hope to…

The arrival of brain-inspired computing: meet the AI chip that learns how to learn

US-based researchers have developed an AI chip that can, in essence, “rewire itself” like a human brain as it learns information. A team led by engineers from Purdue University in Indiana has showcased circuit components which can change their function based on electronic pulses. The chip components can switch from being a resistor, a memory…

Opsys Tech teams with auto supplier Hasco to supply LiDAR systems

Opsys Tech has struck a deal to supply LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems to global auto supplier Hasco, boosting its market share in this technology.  Opsys Tech is an Israeli-based company that was founded in 2016 and has quickly built a reputation for developing LiDAR units. LiDAR is a method of measuring distance by…

Acquisitions lead to more acquisitions: a new era of gaming industry consolidation

The gaming industry is shifting and refreshing. Three major acquisitions from gaming industry giants have occurred in under one month, signalling a new era of market consolidation.  The new year brings changes, but few predicted the gaming sector would see so many industry shifts in such little time. Within one month, three gaming giants have…

Colour me purple… Firewalla introduces trendy new network security device

Cybersecurity company Firewalla has added to its collection of colour-themed devices with Purple, a portable network security device.  Firewalla may not be a household name yet, however the cybersecurity product company has made quite an impression with its colour-themed products. The most recent, Purple, was launched in January 2022, with a range of useful features…

Vivo strengthens its global presence adding 6 new markets to its portfolio

Global smartphone maker vivo reports 2021 was an "exceptional" year. The company celebrated six new market entries, a significant step in growing its global presence, and remained a top-three company by market share in several key regions. In 2021, a total of six new markets joined the vivo global family, as the company officially expanded…

Earphone / headphone market set to exceed €153bn by 2028

The earphones and headphones market is anticipated to reach a record $175 billion (€153bn) by 2028, according to a new study by Global Market Insights Inc. The market growth can be attributed largely to the growing technology utilisation among fitness and sports enthusiasts, the report finds. The growing focus on channel expansion is expected to…

Athletes get personalised coaching thanks to Whoop / MaxOne partnership

Wearable digital health and fitness specialist Whoop and all-in-one training app MaxOne have announced a new partnership that aims to empower athletes with personalised habit coaching for recovery, readiness, and sleep optimisation. According to an official statement, MaxOne's "Own It" Coaching System will now integrate metrics from the wearable technology to deliver personalised physiological feedback…

Zansors launches the Respa breath sensor – “the future of fitness wearables”

Personal health analytics brand Zansors has launched a breath sensor that tracks breathing patterns to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts improve their performance. Called Respa, the sensor is an easy-to-use wearable that clips to clothing and tracks the user's breathing for the duration of their workout. With the Respa companion app, users can train smarter…

One step closer to a hydrogen-based economy

GenH2, a key provider of hydrogen infrastructure solutions, has announced an agreement with Monfort Technology to develop solutions for mass transit and long-haul trucking sectors. As hydrogen is increasingly seen as "the" energy source of the future, the biggest issue continues to be that of storage. GenH2 is a major player in hydrogen infrastructure solutions. The Titusville, Florida-headquartered…
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